Business Gift Tips – How To Choose The Right Business Card Holders

Most of the time, your taste towards stuff shows who you are. What you usually use or carry with you tells something about you. Say for example, the business card you present to your client makes a snapshot of you. What do you want people to perceive about you should reflect on the what you are presenting to them, thus for example when choosing a business card holder, you have to choose the right one for you – or if you are buying one for a colleague as your gift for him, the card holder has to be something that suits his style.

If you are in a business, then you have to compete and do your best to get your foot forward, outwitting others. It takes a lot of work and guts to do that… and of course nice looking business cards! To keep your business cards neat and clean, follow these tips on how to choose the appropriate business card holders for you.

If you are always in an executive character, consider a Personalized Black Leather Business Card Case that comes in aluminum and leather – perfect for your business cards! This holder can be engraved with your initial (or a colleague’s initial) on the front of the plate, making it a personalized gift for yourself or for a colleague.

But if you are a deal maker in your company, you will never go wrong with an Engravable Curved Card Case. You can present your business cards to your prospects with style and fitness with such handsome business card case, which can also make a perfect way to celebrate a promotion or recognition. This also makes an exquisite business gift. It comes with equal parts rugged and refined, and crafted from chrome with a brown leather overlay and attractive contrast stitching.

A Sleek & Chic Personalized Business Card Case is perfect if you are a bit of a serious style. This is something that you must have in your office or when you are out – a definite step up from carrying a business holder using an overstuffed wallet. This card holder is very convenient in keeping your cards in good condition while giving you easy access to your cards.

You can stay elegant even if you are a minimalist manager with a Personalized Deluxe Card Holder. This is a surprisingly affordable gift that you can give to yourself or to someone in your office. Sleek and professional, this leather business card holder can be personalized with your name or initials for a minimal fee.

If you are looking for some choices of card holders, check out the Internet. There are hundreds of online stores that offer business gifts, retirement gifts, business holiday presents and other corporate gift ideas, including of course business card holders. You can find a wide variety of choices to choose from, whether you are looking for card holders as executive gifts, client gifts, employee gifts, or gift for yourself.

Desktop Business Card Holders Complete Your Office

Unusual desktop business card holders are a great conversation starter. This is a great thing if you are sitting across a high powered negotiator during a merger figuring out what is probably going to be your retirement bonus. Not to mention that you need them anyway to hold your business cards!

Bread and Butter

Business cards need desktop desktop business card holders. They go together like bread and butter. Kinda. Business cards can convey messages without desktop business card holders but the message will be more emphatic if the cards are contained in one. And besides, you do not really want your cards flying all over the desk now, do you?

There is certainly a lot of variety in the market when it comes to desktop business card holders. The obvious first choice is something with the theme of your organization. The logo could be printed or embossed on the card holder. Another nice idea is to get one with fabulous art. In fact, you can even commission a piece from a noted sculptor or have a noted artist paint one. You can go classic and purchase a leather card holder. Those never go out style. They show professionalism and good taste. And they are affordable and durable too. Many designer desktop business card holders are made of leather. Nothing says class like grade A leather does. If you are a woman, you can get a card holder that caters to your feminine side. Pink and other light pastel colors combined with a clever and cute design would be perfect for you.

Form and Function

You can even personalize business card holder. This will give people the impression that you care about your image enough to take such a step. It is a great way to project goodwill and empathy for your clients. You can use your name or your initials for the printing or engraving. The card holder will not only be useful for your desk, but it will be a great eye-catcher as well.

Remember, your business cards are for clients and prospective clients. You want people to see them and take notice. After that, you want them to bring a card home. Hopefully, that will initiate a new business relationship. So your business card holder must facilitate this ultimate goal. The card holder must be attractive as well as functional.

Your business card holder does not have to be a pricy antique either. Shop around and find the best deal. You can find great stuff at discounted prices in stores or online. The one thing to make sure about is that it coordinates well with the business cards it will be holding. It should also reflect your personality as it is a part of your business’s presentation to prospective clients.

So add interest to your desk. Brighten that barren landscape of papers and paperweights. Add an interesting and eye-catching business card holder. People will take notice and hopefully, bring a card home. Then you will have expanded your personal network with a small and simple purchase.

Got a Lot of Business Card Holders? Use Them Now!

You might find yourself in a position where you have plenty of business card holders but limited business cards to put in, or even no business cards at all. You might be a student with no need for business cards yet (just the gift card and the check from your parents would do, thank you very much) or a new graduate starting out your career (a call card is more appreciated) or embarking on a new career.

Traditional Uses

Business card holders serve one main purpose – to keep business cards organized, clean and crisp. As much as you do not want to receive crumpled cards, you also do not want to give creased cards. In business as in life, first impressions last and your business cards are no exception.

Again, the question of what you should do with business card holders that are overflowing your drawer. You certainly cannot throw them away or give them away, especially when these are personalized! Not only is that a waste of practical items, it is also an insult to the gift-giver.

Creative Uses

Most business card holders are slim and sleek. With a variety of colors, finishing, and construction, you can use them for a variety of purposes like:

* Substitutes for wallets, especially the thin metal holders. You can stuff your driver’s license, credit cards and bills without worrying about bulging pants pockets and suit pockets. Besides, thieves and pickpockets will not think that money is present in the card holder because that is not what it is for.

This way you can travel light, literally. You can work with your hands free of purses and have fun without worrying about your bag’s safety. You can go to clubs and dance the night away, watch movies without purses sticking to floors, and attend formal events with virtually nothing on your hands. Just the many ways you can travel light!

A welcome advantage to metal business card holders as card holders is the prevention of unauthorized scanning of your debit and credit cards that use an RFDI chip. Your leather wallet does not have this property. At least, your credit and debit card information will not be compromised and you do not end up with empty wallets, figuratively speaking.

* Carriers for small items you need organized. How about your calorie-free sugar packets that your favorite coffeehouse does not carry? How about your specialty tea bags, instant coffee sachets, and creamer envelopes? How about the spice packets you cannot live without? Truly, you can repack your beloved powders and stash them conveniently. You can opt for the thicker card holders in this case.

* Temporary containers for small receipts. Often, these small receipts are stuffed inside your wallet’s compartments or shoved into your bag’s pockets. And often too, you have a hard time looking for them when you need them the most. Why not put them in a business card holder appropriately labeled for the purpose?

Put your imagination to use and you certainly can find other creative uses for your business card holders. And when you do, tell us about it!

The Best Business Card Holder Designs

The main purpose of a business card holder is to display a business card. Although this may not sound very important, I can assure you that it actually is. These holders can be very important for the way a person displays their business cards because they can often times make the difference between an amateur and a professional display. These card holders are also mainly used in retail stores, travel agencies, financial institutions, service providers and waiting offices. These are only a few examples of the establishments in which the card holders are used. We will further talk about some of the best and most efficient card holder designs available.

The first design that we are going to talk about is the desktop business card holder. This holder type is mainly intended to be placed on a counter top or table. This design is actually very practical and widely used around the whole world. The desktop business card holder normally features one pocket, but some also come with eight. It is important that you place your cards within reach, no matter if you are a mechanic or a sales representative. By doing this you ensure that both parties are profiting; you profit because you make it easy for the customer to get the information and the customer profits because he has easy access to the information that he wishes to learn. By providing your information to the customer you actually really improve your chances of doing business with him in the future. He might also recommend you to his family or friends. This is a win-win situation.

You can also opt for the wall-mount holders. These business holders offer a very different take on the whole situation. As their name implies, these holders are placed on the wall instead of the counter top or desktop. These business card holders are planned for being used in public places, for the general public. They don’t aim for a certain customer type. These wall mounted holders usually feature a great number of card pockets, some even consisting of 60! They are used in worldwide public places, such as libraries, coffee houses, community centers, chambers of commerce and town halls.

We can conclude that a business holder for cards is actually very important for any business model, because it provides a nice overview of the provided services. By using these you will dramatically increase the likelihood of future business!